DNP Zlatni piasaci

Golden Sands Natural Park – with an area of 1320.7 hectare. It is situated 17km North-Eastern of Varna, between the rocky edge of the Frangensko plateau and the sea coast, in close proximity to Golden Sands Sea Resort. The appearance of the park is defined by tree and bush formations occupying around 90% of its area. The biggest part is planted with deciduous plantations, mainly Carpinus betulus, Turkey oak and Quercus frainetto. There are many precious and rare ecosystems with significant importance on the territory of the Park: dense forest and sub-dense forest type; sub-Mediterranean bush ecosystems; findings of rare endemic and relic species. Most remarkable are the dense forests and the numerous lianas – ivy, clematis, Smilax excelsa, wild vine, Periploca graeca, hop vine. There are around 200 paramount plants on the territory of the Natural Park, as around 20 of them can be referred to the category of rare, endangered and protected species. 8 types of reptiles have been found here, including Elaphe longissima, Coluber jugularis, and both species of terrestrial turtles. The ornithofauna includes 80 bird species, most of which forest inhabitants. The park is rich in protected plants registered in Bulgaria’s Red Book. The Medieval Rock complex Aladzha Monastery is located on the territory of the Park. Visitor’s infrastructure and new visitor’s centre have been created in the Park.

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